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Amino Acid / Protein Hydrolysate Derivatives

Amino acids are essential organic compounds, and have great biological significance. They are crucial in nutrition, and are used in fertilizers, nutritional supplements and food technology. Also, there are key industrial uses such as production of drugs, catalysts and biodegradable plastics. Amino acids / protein hydrolysate derivatives, are biological products ideal for agricultural formulations. We keep up with concepts like accurate composition, good work ability and effectiveness.


With all of the essential amino acids & good protein efficiency ratio, Caseinates provide superior nutritional properties. They are soluble salts of the acid casein (milk proteins). Mostly, they have minimum 90% protein content. A natural & healthy source of protein, Caseinates serve a variety of purposes. They form soluble protein ingredients, and used as dietary supplements. Also, we keep up with distinct functionality and appearance.


Glycinates have good foaming properties and skin compatibility. They show a right mix of amino acid and high-quality chemicals. Due to their accurate composition, effectiveness & health benefits, glycinates have a high demand. They are used in farming & agriculture industries for animal feed. These chemicals provide essential nutrients for the growth and health of farm animals.


Aspartates are vitamin-like substances, also known as amino acids. As dietary supplements, they are available as iron aspartate, magnesium aspartate and zinc aspartate etc. They are utilized to increase the absorption of minerals, and enhance performance. Naturally-occurring amino acid, the aspartates help energy production in the body and deliver optimal relief from fatigue. They are essential in healthcare industry.


Ascorbic acid is vitamin C. It is a great antioxidant, and important as vitamin C supplement. Ascorbates are utilized in a number of food products. Primarily, there are two types of ascorbates reacted and non-reacted. The common minerals here are: calcium, magnesium, or sodium. These substances are needed for the growth and improvement of tissues, bones and teeth.


Gluconates are the salts of gluconic acid, which is an organic compound. These are multifunctional ingredients for pharmaceutical, food, personal care and technical applications. They offer excellent sequestering and chelating qualities. They have beneficial features with great effectiveness and usefulness. Also, some medicates are injected in the gluconates form. Gluconates are essential compounds in healthcare industry.

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